A celebrated cigarmaker and high-end accessories company are joining forces. Luciano Cigars, makers of Cigar Aficionado’s No. 19 Cigar of 2023, and leather goods creator Peter James Co., have announced a partnership to launch new cigars and luxury smoking gear. The first cigar from the pair is slated to launch in March, ahead of the PCA trade show.

“We're working on something truly special,” says Luciano Meirelles, founder and president of Luciano Cigars. “These cigars are designed with the intention of providing consumers with a truly remarkable experience using rare tobaccos.”

Meirelles is tight-lipped about the name of the new cigar and its blend, but says it’s being rolled at his Luciano Tabacos S.A. in Estelí, Nicaragua. His company will also distribute the cigar.

The partnership doesn’t mean the two companies are combining. Both Luciano Cigars and Peter James Co. will continue to operate separately, but Meirelles says the venture will result in multiple cigar brands and a range of exclusive cigar accessories.

“Peter James Co. will continue to produce excellence in leather goods and accessories of their own,” says Meirelles. “However, our collaborative efforts will extend beyond cigars into the realm of luxury goods as well, and will result in some co-branded products for Luciano Cigars and Peter James Co.” 

Founded in 2014, Toronto-based Peter James is best known for its variety of leather cases for cigars and smoking accessories, but it also has a cigar brand of its own called Los Estoico and a lineup of high-end torch lighters.

"Choosing to partner with Luciano Cigars was a natural decision rooted in friendship, confidence, and a shared understanding that our individual strengths, when combined, will lead us to achieve our greatest potential,” says John Peter Laurendi, co-founder and president of Peter James. “Together, we are free to innovate continuously without limitation.”

Luciano Cigars’ portfolio includes brands such as Foreign Affair, Luciano The Dreamer (a former Top 25 Cigar) and Maria Lucia. The company also boasts a growing collection of branded lounges.

Meirelles says more details about the cigars and accessories with Peter James will be revealed in the coming weeks. 

Jan 29, 2024 | By David Clough