Luciano Cigars and Peter James Co. have announced the launch of Peter James Cigar Co., a new joint venture that will include cigars and accessories released in the near future.

According to Luciano Meirelles, the new entity is a joint venture equally owned by Peter James Co. and Meirelles and his business partner, Tiago Splitter. The new company will hold the Peter James trademark in the U.S. as well as other trademarks for future products.

The two are working on a new cigar that will be launched in March, though details about its specifics are being kept under wraps. What is known is that it is being produced at the Luciano Tabacos S.A. factory in Estelí, Nicaragua, and it will be distributed by Luciano Cigars.

“This partnership is an extraordinary moment—a fusion of expertise and passion,” said Luciano Meirelles in a press release. “My love for the Peter James brand goes beyond their craft and luxury products. There is an intentionality in everything they do: even the smallest details reveal beauty where most people won’t see it. That act of generosity carries beauty and passion into our world. We couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come.”

The new partnership will also result in other cigars, which Meirelles told halfwheel will be Luciano Cigars’ most premium, exquisite cigars, highlighted by impeccable packaging, impeccable cigar construction, and rare tobaccos.

There will also be cigar lifestyle pieces, which a press release described as offering an unmatched experience for cigar smokers. Peter James Leather Co., which launched in 2014 and is based in Toronto, makes a number of cigar accessories, including leather cigar cases and torch lighters, and it has its own cigar brand called Los Esotico.

“Choosing to partner with Luciano Cigars was a natural decision rooted in friendship, confidence, and a shared understanding that our individual strengths, when combined, will lead us to achieve our greatest potential,” said John Peter Laurendi, founder and president of Peter James Leather Co. via a press release. “I am genuinely excited about the endless possibilities this partnership presents. Together, we are free to innovate continuously without limitation, creating with purpose and intention, and perpetually refining our craft.”