Our Origin Story

Peter James all started with an experience in 2013- a group of friends sitting together enjoying cigars, sharing their new favorite brands of tobacco and discussing how none of them could find a cigar organizer built to both be functional and attractive as a high-quality accessory. At the time, manufacturers just weren’t trying anything new, or trying to improve on the status quo. The founders saw this and felt it was a disservice to the millions of cigar connoisseurs who love to travel with their cigars, and the group’s shared passion for all things adventure, mixed with the love of timeless craftsmanship and local artistry inspired a few of those friends to start designing the cigar cases they felt the industry was missing.

Shortly after, the Peter James brand was incorporated in 2015, with a vision of creating the perfect cigar organizer that is not only incredibly durable, but also compliments any style. To reach that goal, we placed the highest standards on every product. Since then, we have expanded beyond cigar organizers, and are collaborating with artisans and creators to bring that same passion for authenticity, artistry, and qualityto an expanded catalog of new items on the horizon.

Our Craftsmanship

Quality Above All. That is the core principle that props up our mission is to make the absolute best leatherworks and cigar aficionado products, with skilled experts at the heart of every design. Each bag, wallet, and organizer is carefully handcrafted, so no two are an exact carbon copy of the other. Whatever we create, whether in Italy, Spain, or anywhere in the world- we love to work with local artists who have a passion for their craft.

We love beauty in every form, and the same can be said about the products we create. Whether it is a cigar case, a wallet, furniture, or any of our lifestyle items. We also believe that the difference is in the details. Even our wallets are hand painted and lacquered. In the end, we are trying to show people that when you buy a Peter James product, you are getting something you can pass down for generations. It has been designed and built to last, so you don’t need to replace it yearly, unless of course you see a new style you can’t go without!

Our Customer Experience

The Peter James brand sets itself apart because when you order one of our items, you aren’t getting a cookie-cutter case that falls off the production line. Instead, you’re getting something that someone toiled over for hours, with real attention and real love for their craft being put into every stitch. Our customers don’t just get an accessory, they receive an invitation to an experience. They get to see and feel the difference, and we believe that difference is what makes our customers love our products.

When you buy from Peter James, we want people to feel and look amazing, without needing to sacrifice functionality. This is backed by rigorous testing of our products. Because part of our ethos is durability, we spend time with each design putting it to the test in real life before making it available to purchase, so we truly understand our product experience before we share it with our customers.

We have also placed the highest value on being a business with a conscience. We care deeply about the intention and purpose of each piece, and we care intently about making sure we aren’t wasteful in our efforts. We make products for people who appreciate true art and true quality and durability. Our customers are those travelers and visionaries who want something that fits into their busy workflow days, but also compliments their best look for a night out and can survive their adventures into the great outdoors.