Any cigar smoker will tell you that your pockets fill up quickly when that hobby is involved. Laurendi was frustrated; cramming things into your pockets doesn't exactly do wonders for your silhouette. “Obviously that many accessories didn’t compliment the look of a fitting sport coat,” explains Laurendi. And his wife, who had generously carried his three-smoke cigar case on several occasions, was fed up as well. Desperate for a solution, he started searching for something better. “I took to the forums and to the online shops to find a case that would carry my cigars, lighter and cutter that had some style to it, something fashionable.”

But a case fitting those specs was nonexistent at the time, and the options that were available were sturdy Pelican-style cases that, in Laurendi’s words, “didn’t fit the gentleman’s lifestyle.” 

G. Clay Whittaker 

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